and kicking off what abc is calling sun fun night and long waited for after its first season was a hit celeb family feaud returned and not wasting any time for steve harvey to want to hide. as the teams consisted of kelly pickler. vs former nstync member lance bass. and kelly proved to be really interesting from screaming out the answers to in the end winning the bonus round with just one question since she spent so much time yaking she did get number five. plus proving how much fun it is to wonder what will come out of the mouths. the first question was what would steve look sexy in with keilly yelling out a thong. among other things. plus lances own husband michel saying steve would look good naked. then the next one had ernie hudson and his boys vs nene leaks and her family with nene wishing she could wash out her families mouths when some of the answers were lick her and freak her the way they could say fuck her to the question. as family feud fans now get a double fix as part of abc new fun night . comes the return of a new season of celeb family feud with the celebs proving some good you tube fooder .