proving that some ladies can take the term bridilla to the max . one bride named caroline as one of her brides maids just revealed in an interview took the title . from being so picking over even the cuffs on the groom and silver wear to asking the anonomus brides maid her friend to even make an excel sheet of cake makers. but the topper . and proving caroline should be in the running for bridilla queen after taking three weekends of dress shopping she found one but was out of her budget but never the less she wanted it and in the ulimate move of crass and maybe she should just elope or find some brides maids with air for brains which she has in three of the brides maids for caroline demanded that the brides maid chip in and help cover the cost of the dress at 10,500 yes ten grand. normaly its just the bridesmaid have to cover their own dresses but the brides two. talk about gall. and three agreed to do for the bridesmaid who revealed this news. she thankfuly for her sanity and pocket book balked and backed out of the wedding and no doubt caroline won’t be sharing honey moon pictures or invite her to any more things any more . talk about bridilla. a bride demands her maids pay for her dress. surprise she did not want them to cover the wedding too