though doubtful given how one preachers current season is just ten episodes and so far almost about four have been spent with jesse figuring out how to use genisis for his own selfish ways and tulip running around on a tear and cassidy just doing nothing but trying to double cross every one for his own means plus a build up for the saint of killers. but other then that fans got a little gift as amc annouced it has picked up the show for a second season and for 13 episode. since it would take a season alone for the battle of jesse and the saint of killers. not to mention the mess with herr starr and if they allow it the jesus clone. plus fans also know that jesse and tulip and cassidy also have to deal with jesses evil grandmother of hell. too down the road. other then that preacher fans will get to have jesse and tulip and cassidy getting into trouble with genius for a lot longer. another season longer . second season a go now. which means all the dc shows are coming back. for the new season. for even though preacher is a vertigo book its stil dc.though wonder if they will even allow the jesus clone.