and thus jesse after having to help the angels take down a demon after genisis and then after cassidy gets involved just adding to the fun. then solves one problem on preacher by getting rid of the angels by telling them in genisus voice leave him alone. while cassidy still tries to tell him he is over his head. as tulip dealing with his sectary on her last nerve with her kid. and also thinks jesse is out of his leaque. while arse face starts being led a stray by some kids who are trying to befriend him or have other intentions later. winds up having a question of faith and asks the preacher to unforgive him which showing in one shocking move. jesse tells arseface to go to hell useing genisis powers proof that things are about to not not only show cassidy and rose are right all along but jesse is about to get bit in the ass on preacher. though in the comics he does not tell arseface to go to hell.