and thus now for all the acts they have to get ready for the cuts coming for agi . as the final round of auditions happen for the judges. and a varity from a guy who is the very first person ever to do some magic using the old rubic cube. including matching the design simon made on one on another . then came a couple of jugglers who took the thing to the extreme using howie in the act too and got three yes with the cavet that they use howie again for the next round but the talk of the whole episode and now has become a viral thing. was a 94 some lady who was a dancer in hollywood but did not get close to being a star and wound up doing a strip tease as her performance and got four yeses plus nick deciding screw the only four golden buzzers this lady is too special and hit the golden buzzer sending the lady through mostly now because he. howie. heidi and mel want to see if she will take it all off and give simon a full show .and apoligies to my followers who now have that picture in their heads. and may need some thing to remove the image. as next for the agi acts getting ready for the cuts and somes journey stopped next round.