and thus royal pains has now ended its run with hank. evan and dibia and page together nearing the end of their run . dibia off to med school getting her degree. evan still running things and about to at last be a father . and hank decididing its time for a change.including when boris the guy who lead to hank and evan to start hank med with help from diabi applying to be their asstiant boris returns asking hank to run away with him again . hank after also tending to boris discovering he is russian royalty . and boris says in his own time he will involve himself shaping russia. and asks hank to vanish with him. as his family not his doctor hank says no . as evan decides to help julia and her brothers by fostering them. and then gets a boost by boris leaving darkwood to evan. plus old friend libby says hello as a protestor and reveals she and tucker did not last. which also helps hank finaly find what he is after he goes to julia and finaly has what he has long been denying himself then also they do the summer visit to the hamptons . plus hank med gets running by the old gang. as royal pains says goodbye after a six season run. the only thing that was missing was tucker himself one of hanks first patients not showing up himself and telling hank thanks . for all he did for him. guess the actor was unable to do the finale.