and thus for the fourth go round fin and family wind up having to go into battle with the sharks of sharkando for after in the timeline the world being five years free of sharknadoes fin goes to vegas for a family reunion and finds some surprises besides a shark nado made of sand hitting vegas and even taking out the likes of sam neil and also some chip and dale dancers having to strut their stuff against sharks. then to top it off a shark nado is headed to kanas where fins young son is . plus the guy who has taken over from fin with his new device to control shark nados drops some bombs on fin one that he brought his old man back from the moon yes the hoff is back on earth plus even had a mini bay watch reunion as making cameos both gena lee and alexandra paul playing life guards to help fin and family take down a shark nado that has gone nuclear. yes a nuclear sharknado but then the big bomb shell april is found alive made bionic by her crazy father played by none other then gary busic yes the hoff and gary busic in one film though neither have much time together . then shark nado four reveals that its set in the same universe as another sci fi channel movie franchies mostly lava taratula’s as steve gutterberg gives fin some help too . and then setting up what could be a fifth sharknado and thus risking running the franchise into the ground. shark nado four ends with a shark falling from the sky with parts of the efiel tower. looks like fin and family can’t get a break . as sharknado four does its thing . including having both the hoff and the crazy that is gary busey in one film now .