and thus catching up where the comic starts at last preacher after a long first season of getting the characters established and built . finaly got up to where the source material starts. mainly jesse. tulip and cassidy eating some breakfast and talking about going on a road trip to find god. but not before jesse is called out once again by odien to either pull off the biggest thing ever and have a face to face with god or renouce his faith and let him have the church. and jesse goes to try and have god come a calling. while after cassidy gets thrown into the jail cell he makes the sherif start to question himself for is he mad that the preacher sent eugene to hell or relieved because after what he did that he doesn’t have the burdern of arseface any more . for jesse admits that he sent arseface to hell during their talk with god and figures out that the god is a fake when he does not know about genisus so jesse finaly uses the power and the fake god admits god is missing which causes every thing to go nuts including the town getting whacked in a methane explosion when the guy at the controls is busy with his domenatrix and she tries to reach the shut off switch. while jesse . tulip and cassidy take off at last on the road trip of crazy. plus the show pays homage to one of the most messed up scenes ever one of the things they can not ever put the original version on tv. mainly after every one loses their minds learning god went awol. odien is seen at his desk cradling a little doll made to look like his lost little girl made of meat yes a meat doll. for spoilers for those who have not read preacher in the original source material odien makes a woman out of meat . but knowing they would not get that okayed by the censors the producers straying from the source material as with all adaptions went with him going the meat baby route proving that odien is one really messed up guy along the lines of joker messed up and then the saint of killers starts the hunt right in the town jesse and co just left. as preacher ends its slow first season. begining the road trip of crazy.