given how sharknado four ended with spoiler warnings fin and family at nigra falls and a shark falling with part of the eifel tower and april saying doesn’t look like its over with yet. the big question now will sci fi channel okay a shark nado five to try and finish off the story once and for all and risk running the franchise into the ground since the only thing they haven’t done is a sharknado being solar powered or even one in a new twist and since its now set in the same universe as the lave taratulas. maybe one of shark taratulas. or a shark nado of nothing but sharks no water or any thing ala a swarm of bees. the big question will sci fi channel decide one more trip into the shark nado well and do a fifth one and if so can they include a hoff vs busey show down. fins pop vs aprils crazy pop. mostly since shark nado four did not give fans a hoff and busey scene.