now its revealed why steve guttenberg showed up in shark nado four besides revealing that the sharknado universe is the same one with the lava tartatulas. it was to help promote the sequel. that had steve and yes his old friends from the first one some of the old police academy alum jones and hooks in anhother cameo come to do battle with the lave tartulas again who are reeking havoc in miami .which also includes steve going on another rescue mission to save one of his own kids from them and tries to tell the army not to try and nuke the things. again as they discover that a chemical firefighters use puts out the flames and make the spiders at last killable as the mother lavartula soons gets pissed and also homage the bomb scene from dr. strange love the guy jumps out of the plane with the stuff and its curtains for the laverantulas again. as sci fi channel follows up with another sequel shark nado four and now lava larutula 2. wonder whats next octocrock 3.