and sadly for star wars fans a disturbance in the force has now silenced r2d2 since the next time he shows up in the next star wars film it he will either be done by cgi or proably an anamontronic version. as kenny baker the actor and legend who brought r2 to life passed awayn at age 81 which his family said was surprising but expected for he had been ill for a while but he lived a long life. not only does he leave a legacy as r2 but was also in the cult classics time bandits and the flash gordon film the one that best known for the sound track by queen. though his greatest role and legacy will be always as r2d2 in all six of the star wars film. rip kenny you are one of the film immortals now. sympathy to his family and friends for their loss. as kenny is now no doubt keeping god entertained. as r2d2 now has lost his original voice sadly. a disturbance in the force curtesy of death sadly deciding to call on kenny baker.