even though the victory is not going to stop south dakotas own ag from still prosicuting the guys who tried to help the tribes get started to grow marijuna for medical purposes mostly so he can be governor . the ruling is a victory never the less for those in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. as a circuit court has told the doj to back off going after states to prosicute that have okayed marijuna saying under the agreement to legalize it those states have the right to prosicute some one if they choose mostly since congress did not give the doj funding due to a rider to do so in the first place unless the next president changes it. but in a victory for marijuna propropents and sure to have the supremes decide the issue of if marijuna should really be legal . a court has told the doj back off going after the states that have okayed the drug for medical use. south dakota won’t affect since the issue is not on the ballot and if it was the ag would be going after people if it passed any way to help his bid for governor.