with school now starting next week . one teacher in texas got a surprise and learned some immpressiation for her job too. as when sam drude was busy loading her cart at the san anotina walmart with school supplies a guy named lester brown saw she had no kids with her and asked why she was buying the supplies. she said because she is a teacher and some of her students are so poor they can’t buy them themselves and she did not want them to be with out and upset that their classmates have the stuff. and then sam got a surprise as lester wound up handing the cashier the money for the supplies saying that teachers don’t get the appriciation for the job they do. talk about a good heart . and no doubt to the students lester just helped he is one cool guy plus sam now has learned that in this day and age that kindness still lives for one fellow human. not to mention no doubt she will have a story to share with her class when school starts.