normaly on bar rescue john has to piss off the owner or scream like a manaiac to get them to let him do what he needs to do except the times he has walked away like oface. but in the case of the latest bar rescue all the moment john got the owner of the bar to get pissed off from seeing that his bar tenders do even things like s&m stuff to make money plus a couple can’t get along and then john finding the guy had to get rid of some slots to pay the taxes plus a book of stuff to do that he has only done half the moment john started screaming the guys fire got lit and he told john go ahead lets do it and the bar was rescued john just pissing off the owner enough to be the last key. for normaly the only reason john gets the owner pissed is to point out what they are doing is wrong and thus now he will show them what needs to be done to save the bar on bar rescue.