and even though the results are just going to be the same when the south dakota legislature meets for its session next year. those favoring medicare expansion like a phoenix are going to be back fighting and trying to get the thing passed and of course even working to maybe since he gave up calling a special session to deal with the issue maybe have the governor finaly deciding mostly to be done with the issue maybe get governor daugard if need be to call that session. since odds are the issue is even by some miracle it once again gets passed in the state senate the thing will be dead in the state house . even if supporters can even get the thing for a vote in the senate given how conservative the south dakota legislature is plus odds are they will try and waste time like they did with the teachers pay bill on something stupid like a resurection of the assanine bathroom bill. as the south dakota legislature will be facing a phoenix coming its way again medicare expansion even though the results will be the same as all the other times.