hard to believe after eleven years ago when on oct 11 1989 a monster in minesote kidnapped a young boy named jacob wetterling . and thus caused his mother patty to become an advocate for kids. and now after so long sadly the jacobs family has at last gotten some closer at last in the case sadly the type no parent of a missing kid really would love to have. that the final verdict is that the loved one has been at last found but its recovery mission by the authorties of the remains. yes after 11 years jacobs family now has some closer and some answers in the form of his remains being found at last. which also means a person of interest in the case may soon be giving jacobs family over due justice as being tried for kidnapping and now with the remains once dna test confirm that they are jacobs . the suspect face murder soon and some over due justice for jacobs family too after so long even though they would have proably loved the case to finaly end with jacob recovered and spending the holiday alive and playing catch up. as closer and justice finaly for the family of a boy named jacob missing since the eighties. sadly the closer the type no parent wants when it involves their kid.