and hard to believe its now 15 years since on this date some monsters shook the u.s forever by not only hijacking some planes but the u.s and world watched in horror as the twin towers and the pentagon wound up as targets by planes turned into missles and 2 thousand innocents lost their lives by the act of evil. hard to believe 15 years now since the u.s new day of infamy happen and the world wound up changed forever. never forget that on 911 evil came a calling and the people wound up after getting over the shock rose like a phoenix to remember the dead but also make sure the monsters who caused that evil would face lady justice in the end sooner or later. too but moslty 15 years ago the u.s wound up waking up on the 11 of this month to chaos and heros being born trying to prevent a bigger number of innocent lost when the twin towers in an act of evil and cowerdince by monsters got hit by planes and came crumbling down plus the pentagon and flight ninety three that wound up with the monsters not succeding . though a price paid too.15 years on and the world still remembers 911 they day of infamy and also the day the u.s and the world said no we will not have fear rule. we will not forget the losses and heros.