and proving that red will go any where for some he cares about even draging restler and co into an internatiol icident as he calls in some favors from a figure who is wanted both by cuba and the u.s and when reds plans are put in place leaves them both scrambling to deny any thing to do with the guy the favor track down liz and her missing baby who after last season are being held by a guy who claims to at last be liz father and adding a new wrinkle to red being her father. saying that though red had an affair with lizs mother he has proof red is not lizs father after all but given that the guy is just like red . lis is suspicous then vanishes again as tom also comes a calling . and red manages to get the baby safe and tells his one co hort he is still mad at her actions. scary for when red is mad bad things happen . as the black list is back and giving new wrinkle to is red lizs father at last. or is liz with her father after all. plus red is on the hunt.