and kicking off the new season not only did the shark tank for the first time in a while have all six sharks in the tank with damion back who also had hair too. but the sharks wound up with some really gutsy creators. from two guys who made one could all call a keruger to flavor beer aka sissic. and then got a deal . to a guy who tried to revent soup mostly tracking down sick people and delveriing soup to them the sharks were not buying it and no deal. then came a guy who created some customs flip flop but blew a deal because he kept after getting an offer from robert kept talking and talking even when the other sharks said no and then robert backed off. and then came a young lady who has created an anti cyberbulling app which would let people re think before they sent something nasty and got advice that it should be used by schools to mandatorly put on kids phones and the lady got a deal . as shark tank is back with a new season that wound up with those who entered having a six on one meeting of sharks.