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when john shows up to his latest bar he finds his work really cut out for him on bar rescue as the owner of the bar is also a military man and is waiting to b deployed soon again and needs not only the bar to be able to pay the bills away but be able to be running including finding some one to run it while he is away doing his duty and john steps up to the plate not only makeing the guy see the light when their first meeting he is drunk and flirting in front of his girl friend but also john and his staff finaly gets a slow bartender up to speed. but mostly john helps and in his way of thanks to another of our fine soliders helps a military hero be able to do his duty by rescuing his bar on bar rescue.


and looks like cleavland will have to try tomorrow to take the championship as the cubs wound up managing to make it now 3 to two games by beating cleavland in the fifth game of the world series. and thus staying alive and getting a little halloween miracle though cleavland still needs one more game to win it other wise the cubs just once again proved cleavland is going to have to fight to finish them off and take the world series. as cubs come through and are still alive.

and not only does cleavland wind up sending a wake up to the cubs that they now need a miracle but they do it on the cubs home turf wrigely field which means now the cubs need to get their act together fast or the next game will end with cleavland as champs since they just need one more game now. and its done. though the cubs should be happy they actully almost now unless a miracle happens came close at last to be world series champs as cleveland sends a message sorry cubs next time now one game away

and not only figuring out the group has a mole but also hatcing a plan to once and for all take kirk down and get agnes back red and liz prove why in a crazy way they work together from faking a fight to showing the group a secret base free from any tech and then going after kirkman himself who after pleading from liz gives up agnes at last . though red still tells liz kirkman is lieing about being her dad even with dna . and then daubabi reveals she is not leaving after all . as all things come to a head on the black list. including reds former helper kate learning she just traded one devil for another .

and thus the cubs have made some more history as the next game of the world series will be held tommorrow at none other then wrigley field . which means the goats curse is actully broken in a way since the guy who put that curse on the cubs due to not having his pet goat get to see a game. stated wrigley field will never host a world series again. and they are now actuly in 24 hours going to do so for the next two games which the cubs need to get closer to pulling off having the title out of cleavlands hands. yes the goat curse is now all but broken for wrigley field and the cubs are now hosting a world series at last. some where the guy and his goat are proably going at long last knew the cubs would break my curse. another bit of history the cubs now make.

and the cubs proved they are far from dead or just going to even putting in a player who is injured that they are not going to let cleavland try and win the world series without a fight as the cubs tied up and won the game thus cleavland and cubs one a piece next both going for 2 games and doing it on the cubs home turf wrigley field will it be a new key in the cubs in the end fullfilling their dream and dashing cleavland of being champs in the end. as the cubs show they are not out of it by a long shot .

and one should have known that once the world series started some one was going to win . and it turned out now leading the cubs one game to nothing cleavland showed that they like the cubs are hungry and wanted the championship and if the cubs want to cap their thing and have the world series at last they are going to have to now fight cleavland to the wire. for one game does not make the champs yet cubs have a few more chances. as payback next coming to cleavland who kick off the world series one game closer to being called champs instead of the cubs.two under dogs fighting it out one will win. and looks like starting off with a victory is cleavland.

and thus for both the cubs and cleavland now its begins the long journey they have made the prize for both not only ending a streak of not having a world series championship in so long but also at least for the cubs putting an end to a curse. but mostly finaly after so long and close but no cuban actully at long last try and beat cleavland and claim their first world series title . as its game on now for cubs and cleaveland the prize glory and a long journey plus also for both one claiming a championship they have longed wanted and not gotten. plus also ending the rep of one of the teams as lovable losers a small price to pay . though can the cubs do it four more times and win it or fall in to bad habbits.

and thus fans of the walking dead got their answer and the start what will be for rick and co the most brutal and for fans proably tramutizing season as not only did Negan reveal who he took out with Lucille spoilers but also broke rick too. as for who finaly took Lucille . spoiler warnings in a little shocking twist Negan took out both Abraham and also just like in the source material glen yes glen bought it at the hands of Negan as most figured could and may happen then to show how truely evil Negan is he made rick run a gauntlet for an ax and tested him by ordering him to chop off carls arm. with it and thus breaking rick and putting the group into servitude of Negan and the saviors by also plotting no doubt sooner or later revenge on Negan as he finaly arrives on the walking dead living up to his evil

and even though most of the committee who decided to give the legend bob dylan the nobel prize for litature the first muscian ever to win the award . even though they are saying they are leaving it up to him if he will even show up in person to claim the reward. one thing is also clear that bob dylans silence has pissed off a few of the committee some saying him saying nothing not even aknowleding the honor of getting the thing is an act of rudness . but one should realize that part of bob dylans legend is he is the quiet type personality wise. including if he will even show up in person or send some one to claim his nobel prize now unless the committee wants to make themselves look really bad and petty and take the thing away from bob just because he has not said anything about the honor of now having a nobel prize. which is starting to piss off the ones who gave him the honor in the first place the big question will he show up in person and accept it?