and thus the shark tank wound up not only with some fashion show. but also got a visit from an icon trying to get a deal. mainly the guy himself behind famous amos cookies yes famous amos himself came to the sharks wanting a deal for his new brand of cookies and was upfront with the sharks about after he was no longer involed with famous amos cookies moslty bad deals. plus what really wound up with the sharks telling the icon nope no deal he can’t legaly use his own name on any product yes famous amos can’t have any thing new called amos. though the sharks were happy to see the icon and then came some mothers who created bathing suits for mothers got a deal then some guys claimed to created a device that can restore and dry out electronics including cells if they get wet and got a deal too. then came some light up shoes. a deal was made actully made on shark tank as the sharks wound up getting not a fashion show and something that will help make ones electronics survive stuff like water. but also a visit from a legendary icon of cookies famous amos himself though sadly he just couldn’t get the deal . his legend was not enough