and thus the shark tank once again has a spectrum. and the sharks actully willing to try any product even the guys who normaly don’t use a certain thing. aka mainly when two sisters come in with a shoe company called soulmats the sharks all but mark wind up trying on their shoes and the guys learn what lori and barbara and all woman who wear high heels go through mostly the torcher of trying to walk in the things. and they manage to get a deal . thogh mr wonderful thought their product was crap. then came a guy whose company makes chocolate candies including those giant chocolate balls that have prizes inside but his nerves got to him and he blew getting a deal. then came a guy who invented a device that saves the mess when one wants to melt butter and put it on things like toast or popcorn he called it a biem and what it does is you put a stick of butter in the thing and it sprays it no mess. and he got a deal . then came a couple of young ladies who are making body spray and lotions for teens and wound up with a double deal from robert and damien a two shark deal. as the sharks guys finaly learn that walking in high heels take a lot of stanima for woman including trying to balance in the things who in my opinion is a torcher device for woman shoe wise.