and this week will see fox following their trend of doing live action versions of musicals like grease the purpose trying to also introduce the thing to a new generation. fox this week takes the biggest risk ever of doing these things. by this time giving the treatment to the cult classic the rocky horror picture show and also making some history as playing dr. frank a furter orange is the new black lavene cox the first transexual actor to ever play the role. made famous by tim curry who fox manage to get to particpate as the narrator . which may turn out to be their secret weapon for this thing. not to mention risking some controversy by some groups by keeping the line in the one song i am sweet transvistie from transexual transylvania. which like some of the other language the cast found when filming the new version some of the stuff was dated. espically the trans even talk of removing the line but in the end given how its a part of the classic it is in. as fox comes this week is taking the biggest risk of all in its little taking some musicals and making live action tv versions of them mostly trying to get a new generation to fall in love with the cult classic the rocky horror picture show and also not alinate its original true fans too. but fox does have an ace up its sleeve the blessing and involvement of tim curry himself which is nice seeing him involved in productions even after a bad stroke. which the cast revealed were brought to tears when they watched tim perform . and wanted to give him a standing ovation. as this week fox risks the legacy of rocky horror picture show by its new tv version price may and hopefuly a new generation hooked and tracking down the original and wanting to do the time warp again. though mostly some may just watch for the memories of seeing it and also for the legendary tim curry as the narrator. the guy who made frank and furter a house hold name.