and thus the cubs are now one win closer to trying to make the reality at long last of being world series champs . as they beat the dodgers 8 to 4 due to the dodgers making some mistakes like not putting in a key pitcher of theirs first of the four games they need to get through to go on to be fighting either the blue jays or their opponent to try and at last hear cubs win the world series. for the dodges due have three more chances to learn from what happen and not only tie the game tonight but also wind up still screwing the cubs and dashing the dream just when the cubs are closer and closer to their fantasy of cubs world series champs. as one game down and the dodgers get a little taste of destruction by the cubs trying to finish their quest of the world series being theirs. three more times for the cubs to make the dodgers now another notch . or the dodgers to turn the cubs dream into a nightmare what reality will happen this time around