and thus now only 24 hours to go and walking dead fans will learn at long last the big question that ended the last season who was the one that Negan took Lucille too and played whack a mole with their skull . mostly if the show did take from the source material and spoilers Negan victim does turn out to be like in the comic glen. or if its as rumors started not glen if its daryle as was the top choice besides glen or Negan even diverging from the comic even taking Lucille and taking out an ill maggie though there were rumors Negan takes out two with Lucille . plus also rumors as also spoilers in the comic rick then loses his one hand too curtsy of Negan. as 24 hours walking dead fans at last get the answers of who did Negan make get up close with Lucille his bat . my choice is still like in the source material glen and if not top choice daryle or abraham. but thinking its going to be glen.