and not only will fans in 24 hours find out who Negan killed. but also besides jesus and now glimpses of fan fave ezikeel and his pet tiger. fans may also faster then expected that fans figured since the walking dead got picked up for another season that the next season would have rick and co not only having like in the current storyline in the source material spoiler warnings soon have to form a alliance with Negan depending if the writters decide to take from the comic. but hints are that rick and co won’t just have the saviors and Negan to deal with but also the most creepiest foes ever for the walking dead. hints of the group known as the whispers maybe headed rick and cos way on the tv series too. from pics of instagram and part of this season tomorrow . the whispers are a group who wind up not only wear walker skins but have reverted to their pure animal insticts not to mention showing spoiler warnings why they are not really nice people. even go so far as in the comic behead some of rick and cos allies including ezikeel and put them on spikes as a warning which will not wind up ever be done on the tv show . for the censors will not allow it so fans won’t be seeing that ever. which causes an allance with negan. as not only do walking dead fans get a death Negan at last. fan fave jesus and ezikeel but also hints the most scariest baddies ever may also be part of the new season the whispers too though proably near the end of the season and then what season eight will be about . minus any heads on spikes like in the comics. amc and the censors won’t ever okay that its like the meat baby of preacher too sick for tv.