hopefully provided the now soon to be officialy annouced merger of at&t and time warner which staved off a take over grab by rupert murdock . that provided the government lets the new marriage and thus make at&t add a entertainment power house to its assets and become a player in that field. hopefuly if the deal for 90 billion goes through that since time warner also owns dc that the deal if the government does approve it . that it does not wind up screwing up any of warners dc movie or tv plans . like the upcoming jla film and next batman and wonder woman films plus also the dc tv shows. too not to mention the deal also gives at&t the hanna barbara library of cartoon classics to use on its platforms too. but mostly the new deal and marriage should it happen makes at&t a big player now in entertainment though dc fans better hope that the deal does not throw the dc movie and tv universe some destruction like a big chuck of kryponite . provided the government okays the merger it could say nope due to anti trust rules.