and it had to happen that maybe some how . someone would show up on shark tank already have a previous history with one of the sharks over there products and then winding up with getting a deal with the same shark. as a woman who created safe guard a tool to grab hot stuff out of microwaves and ovens and put an end to burning fingers. and the twist is sam the creator tried out three times early for shark tank but didn’t get on then won a contest on qvc and wound up with lori giving her a deal. then came a woman who was selling shirts and got ripped off by target but no deal by the sharks. then came a guy who created his own maple syrup no deal but the sharks gave him some advice mostly because mr wonderful actully makes his own. then came a guy who after witnessing a rescue of a dog thrown out of a car decided to created a silent version of the pet tag . and wound up with one shark going in and then out for a deal but then losing a deal he could have gotten from one shark. but in the end getting a deal any way. as shark tank finaly has some one using their previous history with a shark to get a deal on the show after three tries to even walk through the doors.