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and now there is eight as the voice sent the top ten packing two went home and miley after doing a performance with petatoni and dolly parton . wound up having to thank the instant save for having a player in the game still as the instant save sent aaron through. adam lucked out with his whole team intact the only one . but blake he only has one now as both austin and courtney who were in the bottom got sent packing and thus the eight go on to the next round on the voice and blake having to now hope his one team member left can go on and win it keep his record alive. same with alicia and mily since adam is the the only one with a whole team and three chances.


and including a performance by maroon five. the top ten on the voice battled it out to keep alive since next they will be down one which means for miley and alicia both could wind up with only one to go on to try and win it . adam and blake could start losing a team member also depending on how the vote goes and who gets saved by the viewers as the top ten battle it out on the voice the prize survivial another round and winning the thing.

as the nfl lets the news sink in that payton has just tied brady for 200 passes in a game. the one other info making news now is what the nfl is going to do about thursnight football mostly because no one likes it not them not the players who have to play games they could play on mon or sunday as normal before thurs happen and not the networks having to pay extra but mostly the nfl with word that the owners are looking even though com goodel has other plans. are looking that once next season ends for it the ball will be kicked way away where no one will have it thursday night football may soon have kicked its last field goal if the nfl has their way .

and thus the u.s and cuba both find themselves in a little quandry with their relationship as fidel castro who rule has out lasted about ten presidents with obama being the first to visit cuba . and even though he has been rumored as dead given that he has stayed away from public. word came from his brother that the rumors fidel is dead are true he finaly passed away at 90 which have some saying ding dong the bastards gone and others knowing that like him or not fidel was a human and will proably mourn his lost thanks to raul. as after decades cuba now no longer has fidel castro around one castro gone raul to go and maybe a new cuba in the future .

happy thanksgiving.

wishing every one here who visits this little bit of cyberspace a happy and safe thanksgiving and also if one is going to dare get into that shark feeding frenzy that is black friday be safe and careful for no so called deal is worth the price of a jail trip or a doctors visit. but mostly hope every one had a happy thanksgiving. and had a lot to be thankful for this holiday.

and thus talk about survivor now getting to the part where the tribes to try and go all the way as david said now is the time for alliances to turn on each other as they did just that from david and zeke going after each other plus a big reward of food and also letters from loved. ones that adam had a chance to steal and didn’t take it . and then the tribe learning that there will be a double tribal and both times the votes got down to rocks had to be used to send some one packing first came chris. then the next tribal . with david safe and using his idol first it looked like hannah and zeke were going to wind up having to settle for the jury only for the vote to wind up forcing a revote with the idea if the trbe couldn’t agree uniamously they would wind up being sent packing instead and the vote like last time was by using rocks . with hannah and zeke safe along with david and jay. and in the end jessica and chris wind up on the jury as two votes stop two tribe members dreams on survivor gen x vs millenals.

and their first time as judges both alicia and miley take a hit and lose some team as adam and blake manage to stay in tack going on for the top ten as miley loses darbya . and a former voice winner comes back and winds up with learning he has sold over 7 million records. jordan who was on team adam last season winner performs and learns about the honor. as the voice moves closer and closer to the end of the season with miley and alicia losing some of their team and adam and blake in tact all their team. as the voice gets closer and closer to the end of the season top ten now.

and even though voters were told that maybe some part of im 22 which now allows people to give a 50 buck vouchers to the canidate of their choice. but what is sure to not only wind up with court battles. and no doubt as expected with south daktoas legislature in fact a given proably when the session starts in jan the legislature will proably go and try to over turn some of it or pass something to undo parts of im22 including the part what now says any appropriations are to be passed by 2thirds of the legilsature and in south dakota that is kind of of nearly immpossible given the legislature is republican controlled. the outcome of what the voters said at the polls in south dakota is far from done as the courts and legislature are going to have to have some say like stopping im 22. at least parts of it that no doubt first court challenge will be ruled unconstitutional.

and thus once again seems that the sharks have added giving some of those would be millionares in the making a reality check as one woman learned the hard way besides not doing anything with your product that could get the feds mostly the fda coming after you for false accusations as one lady who tried to get the sharks to invest in her edible algae sticks even saying she is trying to get retail on board . and got into an argument with lori over not making certain claims she was making about her product and she kept arguing and no deal. then came some guys who created pants for athletes like weigh lifters. no deal damien was not interested. but a couple who created a sub thing of boxes to help puppy owners with the stages of the puppies life. wound up with the sharks making offers and robert saying when he gets up to walk his puppy that they better take his deal. and they did . then came a new thing for fisher man .a new way to cut line if it gets tangled and not wind up cutting your flesh. made as a ring and the guy almost blew a deal trying to tell damion after all the other sharks backed out over what he wanted almost blew it but got the deal in the end. that line cutter thing may have to pick it up for a friend of mine when its on shelves in the future .

and thus once again adam survives to live and scheme another day even after when taylor revealed that adam has an advantage to steal a reward mostly because he and jay schemed to send him packing again . plus will setting out a challenge and eating could have maybe had his first taste of beer . since think where survivor is right now the legal drinking age is eighteen. but jeff said no go . and then came tribal and the bombs kept a dropping taylor just going at it with adam and his advantage with adam fighting back saying he steals food and has an hidden bunker. in the end taylor went instead of adam. which also means a reunion could be in the works for him and figgy later .