given how long shark tank has been around plus the rare time all six sharks are in the tank one should know by now not to start argueing when the sharks are trying to get info for all it does is ticks them off and for one guy who came in trying to get the sharks to invest in his app be somebody he got not only an argument by mark but a beat down by mr wonder ful as the guy kept argueing. and one by one lost deals. in fact mr wonderful stood up and looked like he was going to walk across the set and slap the. guy as for the other a fake flower owner who has tried out for shark tank a few times. gets a deal. a lady with her own shopping club manages to get a deal too. though a couple guys who have a cool idea but putting it into play needs work mostly testing the levels of mercury in seafood. no deal plus the device as it stands is too bulky for wide use but a nice idea. as another group get the honor of going after six sharks pocket books on shark tank.