and thus what has to be another first for bar rescue mostly that like when he tried to redo the infamous headhunters bar only to have the weazel undo all his work and sneak away still owing every one. john once again has to rescue a bar for the workers and one business partner who has made it clear he wants his investment back if the owner who is a rich kid that john calls out saying john will not rescue the bar unless the guy proves some things including starting as a bar back and cleaning the bar which also includes dead mice that has johns expert freaking out when she starts the cleaning process . which has john and co walk out the door as the guy then starts seeing things and starts changing and gets john to rescue the bar plus in another first one of the bartenders gets told because of her hard work and love of her craft she gets to go on a future bar rescue with john and company looks like john not only taught a rich brat some things but also picked up a new expert who one can now expect to see on a future episode of bar rescue.