now known as the kit kat guy. when hunter jobbins ran into his dorm and came out of it to find that a thief had broken into his car and stolen a kit kat bar. he wound up a new viral sensation when he posted a note from the thief saying i love kit kats so i checked your car door and it was unlocked did not take any thing other then the kit kat so sorry and hungry .when hunter posted the note on twitter it went viral with hershely responding and replacing the stolen kit kat with not one but 6,500 of the kit kats which hunter then handed out to his fellow kansas u class mates. giving them a chocolate pick me up. and also being a good sport about the whole thing. though his mother when she found out told hunter lock your car door next time. as a kit kat theft winds up not only with a new viral star but a college campus got a chocolate craving fullfilled . thanks to hershely replacing the stolen kit kat minus any more for the thief that started this whole thing.