and the biggest mystery of the black list. in fact since the show started is maybe in a way solved at last. as when kirkman escapes with liz and some goons. he finds out that he is not lizs father that red doctored the dna test as red seeks out some unwilling allies. and resner and the rest of the team start hunting for red and liz. who reveals to dunbe he is doing this as a way to save himself. while kate recovered to almost her old self reveales every thing to her new friend all about working for red and how she knew he was a threat to liz and her baby. but she tried to get him out of their lives the wrong way . while kirkman has red under truth sermum and asks him the one question since day one most fans have had is red lizs father and he says yes but then as a little trick maybe to keep it hidden from liz and also to finaly put an end to kirkman tells liz that her father died. but other wise red finaly reveals in his own way the anwser to the biggest mystery of the black list. is he lizs pop. though given red his bit of saying yes could be just to keep from getting killed by truth serum but otherwise he did say yep he is papa.