and thus once again seems that the sharks have added giving some of those would be millionares in the making a reality check as one woman learned the hard way besides not doing anything with your product that could get the feds mostly the fda coming after you for false accusations as one lady who tried to get the sharks to invest in her edible algae sticks even saying she is trying to get retail on board . and got into an argument with lori over not making certain claims she was making about her product and she kept arguing and no deal. then came some guys who created pants for athletes like weigh lifters. no deal damien was not interested. but a couple who created a sub thing of boxes to help puppy owners with the stages of the puppies life. wound up with the sharks making offers and robert saying when he gets up to walk his puppy that they better take his deal. and they did . then came a new thing for fisher man .a new way to cut line if it gets tangled and not wind up cutting your flesh. made as a ring and the guy almost blew a deal trying to tell damion after all the other sharks backed out over what he wanted almost blew it but got the deal in the end. that line cutter thing may have to pick it up for a friend of mine when its on shelves in the future .