and thus talk about survivor now getting to the part where the tribes to try and go all the way as david said now is the time for alliances to turn on each other as they did just that from david and zeke going after each other plus a big reward of food and also letters from loved. ones that adam had a chance to steal and didn’t take it . and then the tribe learning that there will be a double tribal and both times the votes got down to rocks had to be used to send some one packing first came chris. then the next tribal . with david safe and using his idol first it looked like hannah and zeke were going to wind up having to settle for the jury only for the vote to wind up forcing a revote with the idea if the trbe couldn’t agree uniamously they would wind up being sent packing instead and the vote like last time was by using rocks . with hannah and zeke safe along with david and jay. and in the end jessica and chris wind up on the jury as two votes stop two tribe members dreams on survivor gen x vs millenals.