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and thus what to fans of the bbc classic dr who what has become part of xmas like a christmas story marathon and eggnog. the bbc to keep fans happy till the new season of dr. who kicks off next year. the annual dr. who christmas special arrived.with the doctor not only dealing with at long last sadly the loss of river song but also dealing with a guy who wound up gaining super powers and goes around as the ghost ala an homage to superman and even the spirit. where the doctor has to try and keep convincing the kid to not use the powers he got due to an accident from an expermiment that fused a time crystal into the kid. so he uses the powers . while the doctor and the ghost also deal with some nasty guys who want to steal some brains for some aliens including willing to destroy new york which has the doctor and the ghost stop them and the ghost give up his powers and also for who fans sadly what they knew was hinted at confirmation river song is dead as who fans got their gift from the bbc this holiday dr. who christmas special arrived. with the doctor teaming up with the who verse version of a superman.


wishing every one who reads this thing a merry and safe christmas given how mother nature seems to be giving her own gift with the weather including some places getting a lot of the white stuff. any way merry christmas every one who has visited this place.

and looks like the director of the soon to hit blade runner sequel blade runner 219 denis may have gotten now the one thing he has wanted for christmas a chance to prove that yes dune can be filmable and done right . for word has it that since legendary aquired the rights to do dune again as both a movie and even a tv show. word has it dustin is looking to be soon tapped as the guy to try and do where others have tried only to bail saying dune can not be filmable like neil gainmans sand man can’t be filmable without butchering the thing. for dennis when he was working on the blade runner sequel said the one thing he would love to do a film version of was dune provided the rights could at last be cleared up and aquired. and looks like santa just granted him his wish . the big question is can dennis prove that dune is filmable and not risk the wrath of fans. and his rep.

and proving things are indeed big in teas plus spreading some xmas spirit. when a high schooler named salvador learned his friend rj needed some new shows rj also being a special needs kid. he decided something had to be done and with others and after asking rj what his favorite shoes and color was wound up showing some real xmas spirit with the student body at sommerset high school in texas buying rj two pairs of shoes yes not one pair of sneakers but two pairs and wrapped them up even and when rj walked in gave him the shoes proving rj really has some cool friends. and that sal and the others really know the meaning of the xmas spirit.

and thus even though some tried to maybe use it though odds are that the house and senate would have given him the presidency any way . in the end the electoral college wound up thus making it truely official and for the world hopefully not dark days or world war three yet. trump is officialy the president next month though the electoral college could have denied him the job but in the end it was a no go. trump is president officialy even with accusations russia hacked and helped.

and thus like the energerizer bunny and also the simpsons the star wars rogue one just proved with its take so far that the franchise is far from being sliced by a light saber and final dead. as its first day out and its taken over 71 million at the box office and proably by the holiday it will be number one. though also mostly doing well because of it introducing new characters who according to disney are just one and done . as star wars proves its still has power with rogue one like a death star cutting a path through the box office

and after scheming like a a snake and targeted by jay his rival from the start only to wind up in the end after dave and jay both finaly became part of the jury in the end the winner of survivor gen x vs miles turned out to be love him or hate him adam. though mostly he won also for the reason he was playing for his mother who was fighting cancer and sadly revealed at the reunion show passed away. plus the power couple figgy no more. not to mention after adam won the million the next season of surivor will bring back from fan faves like ozzy and the queen who has been the only one to win the game twice. plus turns will being on survivor has become inspiring to some as in the end adam wound up out playing out witting and out smarting and winning survivor . though mostly it was his heart and the reason he was playing.

and tonight some one will hear the words by carson and the winner of the voice is . as the final four gave it there all singing three songs one being a duet with their coaches which given how adam had two team members ment twice for him then the final four sang an original song sundance doing one for his wife plus the voice finale also means both miley and aliyah time as judges for now comes to an end and miley not having any one in the top four . so it could wind up with aliah ending her judge time with a win as the top four will know which one of them is the winner of the voice. season ends as fast as it started

and thus the voice now starts to wrap up another season with the top four learning who in the end will be the new winner. could it be billy and thus giving adam another win could sundance fan fave do it. or can either miley or alycia cap their first time as judges with their team member winning the thing as the voice now is winding down with one of the top four winding up capping his or her run as the voice champ and one of the judges with a win and adam or blake with another win to their record of most voice wins as couch. who will it be.

and thanks to a secret mysterious angel known only as santa b some people in penn will have a real merry christmas as they learned from walmart that santa b played secret santa and in the spirit of giving to the tune of 46 ,265.59 bucks of layaway purchases. which as the manager told reporters he was shocked when santa b helper brought the check not to mention the 194 people who got the call from walmart workers telling them you just got a christmas gift your layaway account is paid in full. and this is not the first time mysterious santa b has struck for some one else in ohio a while backed followed his or her lead and did the same thing at a couple walmarts last year. as a secret angel named santa b just made some peoples christmas merrier by paying a visit to walmart and being generous and paying off layaway for them. as for who santa bs true i.d only he or she knows and not revealing.