and thus winning once again in the long decades battle between the u.s and some d.a who can’t get it through his or her head that one due to the statue of limitations and b she or he has no rape case because their key piece of evidence romans victim stated over and over she will not testify if by some miracle the u.s at last in its decades long battle does manage to get roman back without her testimony no case. as once again roman has won victory as polands court has ruled that nope they will not okay extradition of roman for a second time. since they were asked one other time and ruled nope. though that doesn’t mean roman can’t still be arrested in other countries for he has an arrest warrent out still. other wise once again the u.s winds up with some coal in their long battle to have roman polanski back and tried again for rape. even though statue of limitations and no case due to the victim saying no to testifying the court said they believe roman served his sentence for the crime any way. no need to extradite him. same if the u.s tries to ask swizerland or england too again. as roman wins another battle in the long futile quest of the u.s to have him and try him again for rape when the only crime now him being a fugitive for so long. for no country will turn over roman since he won’t step foot on any soil that he knows could tell the u.s here you can have him .