and thus south park ends its 20th season yes twenty seasons. of cartman and stan and co and their adventures. as things all come to a head with after having to lock up their mother kyle and ike have to use what their dad taught them about trolling for good mainly kyle rounding up every one and having them start trolling and destroy the internet as gerald and the rest of his troll friends try and escape the danish and still stop troll tracker from going on line only to be too late. but also deciding to use their troll powers to help by shutting down the grid that protects troll tracker so it explodes. with kyle even getting president elect garrison to help while cartman afraid he will lose his girl tries everything to make the plans for mars not happen. including telling elian that on mars the woman would take the men under ground as slaves for their semen and jokes. and not even butters still mad about being dumped can helped. till finaly kyle and co manage to once they tap into the company grid destroy the danish troll tracker and sink the internet and just as sheila figures out that kyle and ike weren’t slut skank after all but it was gerald by looking up and starting to see his history just as the internet goes down for good as south park ends its twentieth season yes twenty seasons talk about almost getting as old as the simpsons. though doubt it will be around for 600 episodes