and thus not only did survivor with its finale next week now move to pair down the remaining tribe members but adam proves that he is still trying to call the shots from helping a fellow tribe member win immunity so david didn’t to also making sure jay played his idol as the tribals which both got a visit by mother nature as in a rain storm wound up with two going to the jury sunny and the youngest player ever in survivor history will. got voted off yes will who after making a power move to wind up being the key every one needed wound up sent packing as a threat. with jay also playing his idol thinking he is a target and doing so would get rid of david at last only to it turning out to be sunny. as survivor now gets ready for its finale of gen x vs milienals. two fall to the jury . and adam shows he belongs in the survivor hall of vilians by even helping another one cheat to win immunity . which also means he is proably next and one of the last of the jurors if the rest of the tribe is smart.