and looks like the director of the soon to hit blade runner sequel blade runner 219 denis may have gotten now the one thing he has wanted for christmas a chance to prove that yes dune can be filmable and done right . for word has it that since legendary aquired the rights to do dune again as both a movie and even a tv show. word has it dustin is looking to be soon tapped as the guy to try and do where others have tried only to bail saying dune can not be filmable like neil gainmans sand man can’t be filmable without butchering the thing. for dennis when he was working on the blade runner sequel said the one thing he would love to do a film version of was dune provided the rights could at last be cleared up and aquired. and looks like santa just granted him his wish . the big question is can dennis prove that dune is filmable and not risk the wrath of fans. and his rep.