and thus what to fans of the bbc classic dr who what has become part of xmas like a christmas story marathon and eggnog. the bbc to keep fans happy till the new season of dr. who kicks off next year. the annual dr. who christmas special arrived.with the doctor not only dealing with at long last sadly the loss of river song but also dealing with a guy who wound up gaining super powers and goes around as the ghost ala an homage to superman and even the spirit. where the doctor has to try and keep convincing the kid to not use the powers he got due to an accident from an expermiment that fused a time crystal into the kid. so he uses the powers . while the doctor and the ghost also deal with some nasty guys who want to steal some brains for some aliens including willing to destroy new york which has the doctor and the ghost stop them and the ghost give up his powers and also for who fans sadly what they knew was hinted at confirmation river song is dead as who fans got their gift from the bbc this holiday dr. who christmas special arrived. with the doctor teaming up with the who verse version of a superman.