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and thus proving that the south dakota legislature really does not learn when the governor even says he is against this idea leave it alone and vetoes it not to mention north carolina still paying the price in lost revenue of tourists by having one since their legislature is too cowardly and two faced to repeal the thing. but once again for the second time some south dakota legislatures are preping the old bathroom bill this time one that would bar trans students from using showers or locker rooms that don’t match their birth gender. not learning the first time when daugard said leave alone the cities can deal with that issue . guess it means one of the governors first vetoes is on its way this term. which also means the same legislatures will do a third time the charm bit too with the thing. can’t learn. in south dakota


and looks like this season of the bachelor is not short on drama from picking up with the rose ceramony from last one that sees dominique go then another one sending christian and brittiny home too. plus also a trip to the bachelors home town showing one of the ladies is not suited for farm work. and then at the cocktail party came a catfight between astino and another lady antino making it really known she is not taking kindly to the insuations they think she is dumb. words flying . and this is just an episode of the show wonder if the two will fully be at it when the ladies tell all arrives. as three go and a catfight on the bachelor .

and thus today there is partying and black ties as after surprising a lot of people and winning the presidency trump officialy starts his time as the 47 president with his innagurration which also will have some protesters let their views heard about him but mostly now a new eara for the next four years. trump official as president.

and thus once again the wall winds up changing lives as a couple who not only inspire others from their kid with down syndrom to give other disabled a chance. but also mostly just going raise their kid without complaint the couple wound up when all the balls were dropped including the dreaded red ones. that some manage to not take so much money a dollar mostly but when it came time to either sign the contract or rip it up as chris hardwick explained to the wife who even trippled on one answer. in the end the contract was ashes and the couple total a million bucks. after taxes is still a big chunk as the wall keeps on changing the lives of those who play it wouldn’t be surprised if any time now it gets the okay for a full season and another one later for fall.

and thus now after today . the u.s will soon learn and witness trump officialy as president even as some of his plans for his ingurration keep changing due to who he lined up to entertain keep dropping out plus also in three more days obama leaves an offical legacy as president mostly the health care act which congress and trump are moving to get rid of . plus also making peace with cuba. too as three days and the world will soon witness not only history but also start finding out if giving trump the highest office in the land was really nuts

and once again the sharks almost had an episode where every one had a deal. almost since one lady who was selling nice pipes aka yoga wear wound up even after the sharks were passing saying it would be easy to duplicate what she made. and then getting an offer from barbara wound up passing up on th offer yes some one passed on a sharks offer which is normal for the tank sometime the other non deal was a lady who created clothes you can drink milk out of or use for breast feeding. the sharks past then came a lady who created bags to capture cooking grease that are also good for the enviroment but only had the prototype for the sharks to see yet manage to get a deal. then came a guy who created a combo of lego and blocks and wound up getting a deal with mr wonderful. as the sharks came close to almost a whole episode with all deals. two for two.

and thus all things sooner or latr end including now after 146 years and millions of shows plus also being the nemis to animal rights groups including peta that caused them to retire their elephants. but citing that they can no longer keep up with things like online entertainment and video games . ringly bros circus has made it official it will now cease to excist any more come may for its final curtain as for those performers who will now be out of work the owner says the corporation will work to make sure they find other work. which includes clowns too as for the animals odds are they will proably be sent to zoos plus those who permently travel with the circus the circus will help find work and housing now . since some live on the traveling train in rail cars. though the main factor cited as the end of a legendary thing is the cost was getting to high to keep it going not to mention when the elephants got phased out it hurt them. very final show is set for may 21 in new york an end of a era and legacy . ringly brothers circus folding up the tent for good now. guess the run away with the circus will now just be a phrase.

and even though it will still mean south dakota will proably have to either find some new revenue or make a little cut to balance the budget due to tight revenue . the legislature and daugard got a little help as the governor revealed amazon next month even though scotus said a company had to have a pressence for a state to collect sales tax. amazon has made a deal to start collecting the sales tax on purchases next month starting feb 1. amazon will collect sales taxes now giving the state a little small but extra revnue not much still helps for a lean budget coming.

one thing about match game now is the panel are not afraid to risk having their answer bleeped out as one question had them decide that one could have a crystal vg yes the word vagina as answer to the question the whole panel though one on it had a differant name . and when it came to the bonus round sadly the contestant wound up bombing out on that one as the match game let lose the laughs and proved hypithicaly one may want a crystal version of a body part.

and already risking voters wrath by making it their first priorty to repeal ininitive 21 plus the fact that like north carolina the south dakota legislatures sure don’t know the meaning of let the thing die as also on the agenda another trans bathroom bill with already lobbying to kill it has started but mostly the big thing besides that assanine bathroom bill. the south dakota legislature is as expected going after initive 21 and thus like with the minium wage bill risking the wrath of voters again since sponors said they will put to the ballot the repeal. guess the passing of this thing scared those in power. as the south dakota legislature kicks off with repeal and bathrooms.