and thus with a drop of a ball. 2016 is no more now has come 2017 to replace a year of craziness and history from trump bucking the system and becoming the next president of the u.s . to after a hundred years the cubs won the world series and had chicago go nuts and party to celebrate something they have been waiting for a long long time. even if it took all seven games. to do so . to new people getting their fifteen minutes of fame like chewbacca mom. and of course marvel reiniting the legacy that is star wars plus also fans after so long of teased and false attempts not only got the dark tower at last coming to film but also a sequel to blade runner. plus sadly fans also saw this year wind down knowing that carrie fisher will not be playing pricess leia any more in the flesh and blood only proably cgi now as she sadly got called to visit god with her mother too. plus the year also saw cuba and the u.s make some peace and closer to the end of the embargo espicaly since fidel finaly couldn’t avoid death any longer . as 2016 is a wrap happy new year all who have visited this here space.