and on the first shark tank of the new. the sharks had a little gambit and some laughs from a company that came up with a way for one to groom their cat yes groom their cat themselves called the lickie which is a giant brush you put in your mouth and groom the cat. they didn”t get a deal but the sharks had some laughs over what to me has to be one of the most creepiest and disqusting pet products that has shown up on the tank. in my opinion. then came some mens underwear no deal. followed by a guy who created some new type of coffee kcups no deal which looked like the shark tank was going to wind up with an episode where no one got a deal till the last product a couple who makes perfect dolls that fit the little girl. customed to her they wound up with the only deal of the episode. and also put a smile on the sharks face better then them having the cat grooming thing in their mouths.