and thus all things sooner or latr end including now after 146 years and millions of shows plus also being the nemis to animal rights groups including peta that caused them to retire their elephants. but citing that they can no longer keep up with things like online entertainment and video games . ringly bros circus has made it official it will now cease to excist any more come may for its final curtain as for those performers who will now be out of work the owner says the corporation will work to make sure they find other work. which includes clowns too as for the animals odds are they will proably be sent to zoos plus those who permently travel with the circus the circus will help find work and housing now . since some live on the traveling train in rail cars. though the main factor cited as the end of a legendary thing is the cost was getting to high to keep it going not to mention when the elephants got phased out it hurt them. very final show is set for may 21 in new york an end of a era and legacy . ringly brothers circus folding up the tent for good now. guess the run away with the circus will now just be a phrase.