and thus the race now really kicks for for the south dakota legislature to get things done and so far the session is half over with and not one what the fuck are they smoking bill has been passed or brought up including another bathroom bill for one was brought up but thankfuly then pulled. so far so good. though the only thing the legislature did so far was piss off voters by undoing im22 and making it so it can’t be revoted on by declaring an emergency . as the thing the legislature is trying to finish a im22 replacement even though any will be a shark with no teeth. since the thing turned out to be a threat to the power base. plus also on the agenda a few bills dealing beer of all things one outlawing powedered beer citing a future new threat of it becoming like cocaine. but another one okaying home deliveries now of beer . as the south dakota legislature tries to race to finish its work including a replacement for the imm22 storm it caused gutting the thing after voters passed it. and making sure it couldn’t like the minium wage be back and revoted on and passed again. plus of course the other biggies balancing the state budget and what vetoes of the governor can be tried to be undone soon.