and finaly discrimation got a little victory espicaly when those who do it by claiming honoring their religeous beliefs and no doubt it going to cost south dakota not only a lawsuit from the aclu. not to mention signing the bill that would allow religeous adoption agency to discrimate by choosing to not place a needy kid with a couple because the couple life style may not match their religeous beliefs aka deny gay couples and single woman the chance to adopt some needy kid because their life style violates their religeous beliefs . sort of a fuck you to a needy kid. plus also the bill allows them to do so without risk of losing funding too. even like with the bathroom bill daugard did talk to both sides. but sadly what is now a little fuck you to a kid in the foster system who could have a chance at a family but won’t get that now because the family they could have will not be allowed to adopt or foster due to the agency the kid could come from citing placing them would violate their religeous beliefs like against being gay or unmarried but south dakota prove with the bathroom bill how conservative it can be even if it screws some one . this time some innocent kid looking for a home. and proably a lot of couples or single people now because of it not wanting to foster or adopt.