and next besides soon the budget and also later any attempt to override governor daugards vetoes of bills though this time not in the set a bathroom bill for the legislature got smart. next for south dakota after facing a firestorm over almost denying a promised pay raise to teachers. next is for the legislatures and daugard to convince irrate voters that the bill they passed after they went and repealed im22 the voter passed thing that was suppose to deal with corruption. after repealing it and making it so the thing can’t go back and proably passed again. by voters the legislature also passed some replaced bills like forming an ethics committee. and putting a limit on gifts lobbyists can receive and also keeping the part of how long a legislature has to wait before they can be a lobbyist. though the gift to lobbyists one most say doesn’t go far for it does let them get some gifts of a set amount. plus the ethics committee odds are when its in place will be a shark with no teeth or look the other way for one of their own. even as daugard is selling the thing as he signs the bills. at least the legislature does deserve credit for being willing to pass their version of im22 after they rushed to repeal it and then made it so voters didn’t get like they did with the minium wage send a message to them by passing it again. next selling the im22 repeal and replace. easier for south dakota legislatures then the repubs selling their replacement health care bill.