and just as it looked like the long saga of if orson wells the other side of the wind would finaly end with the thing completed at last after netflix revealed it made a deal for the rights to it and also will fund finaly completing it yes completing it which orson wells has tried to do and his co film maker has tried for a long time to finish given all the battles over it including demands by some for the master print. plus the rumor that orson had five versions of the thing made trying to finish . but proving that the thing can not end with a bow at last comes one more twist. as those who pledged to try and finish it using crowdfunding before the netflix deal happen. that included clint eastwood. are now seeing red and demanding as expected wanting indigo to give back their money even though the thing did not make its goal. but given how many twists and turns orson wells final film has gone through to see the light of day once maybe finished what is one more.? as some fans who tried to help complete it by crowdfunding feel screwed now by netflix and their plans to finaly not only at last give movie fans a long lost gem and final film from the legend orson wells but also in a first for them foot the bill to at last complete the thing after so long of orsons camp trying to finish the thing . and using the master print that those who have tried to help make it complete kept demanding before offering up the money. but got no where.