and thus in a big blow to president trump which already has him back doing damage control and lieing saying he never said he would try and repeal obamcare . since he told the house to vote on the thing after one delay and instead of taking the chance and seeing the outcome in reality being the thing getting due to a lot of repubs turning cold feet mostly those who face keeping their jobs soon. plus also even with the kock brothers are against the thing their big backers. paul ryan wound up pulling the bill from a vote. which means since the house didn’t pass it it won’t be in the hands of the senate either. the repubs don’t at last get their victory of repealing obamacare with their health plan that did nothing but give rich another tax cut and also took away insurance from a lot of people who just got it. as repubs decide they want to keep their jobs and voting on paul ryans and presidents trump health care plan is too risky so the bill is dead mostly not enough votes for passage. and paul ryan and trump now have egg on their faces.